Disney DS

Alice in Wonderland

Use the Mad Hatter and a menagerie of characters to unravel the mysteries of Underland and help Alice battle the red queen and fulfil her destiny. Explore a strange world, battle enemies… Read More »


Bolt takes man’s best friend to a whole new level and beyond in a comedic, fast paced, high-action adventure around the world. Bolt invites players to take on the heroic personas of… Read More »

Chicken Little: Ace in Action

Chicken Little: Ace in Action takes the “movie within the movie” from the hit film Chicken Little, and lets you live the action! Play as Ace, the superhero alter ego of Chicken… Read More »

Cory in the House

Fans of the hit Disney Channel show “Cory in the House” can now bring Cory’s wacky adventures everywhere they go with the new video game for Nintendo DS. Enter Cory’s whirlwind world… Read More »

Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, you’ll have the opportunity to create and customize up to five unique fairies or play as Tinker Bell as you embark on a thrilling adventure… Read More »

Phineas and Ferb

Join Phineas Flynn and stepbrother Ferb Fletcher as they set out to conquer boredom during their summer vacation. This Nintendo DS game is a fun-filled adventure for players, as they help Phineas… Read More »


The Magic Is in the Details From above the world of “Cars,” “Disney’s Planes” video game takes players on a high-flying, action-packed, fun-filled adventure with Dusty, a big-hearted, speed-loving crop duster, voiced… Read More »

TRON Evolution

TRON: Evolution is an epic adventure set in a massive digital world filled with high-mobility disc-based combat and advanced light cycles. Set during the era between the two TRON films, TRON: Evolution… Read More »