LeapTV Educational Active Video Game – Dance and Learn

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LeapTV™ Dance & Learn brings all the fun and energy of dancing into your home with nine dynamic, motion-based learning games for children ages 4–7. Children dance to an integrated curriculum of vocabulary, phonics, compound words and words—all while having a blast and appearing on your TV screen. Children will love to dance, sing and see themselves on the TV screen. Walk, wiggle, shake and shimmy to action verbs. Swing both arms and punch the Compound Word Dance Machine button to make compound words. Beat on the drum to complete Doodleburg rhymes. Dance to percussive beats between rhymes. Soar, spin, shake, reach and run to mimic the pterodactyl’s actions. Dance like feathers in the breeze to see a flying feather pattern on screen, twirl and shake for more fun visuals.

Reach up and smack fruits—big and small, green and purple, striped and bumpy—based on the adjectives. The camera puts children on centre stage where their body motion controls the gameplay. Dance & Learn combines dancing and singing with seamlessly embedded early literacy curriculum for a truly joyful and invigorating reading rumpus. Play the games in a random sequence, select specific games or customize a set of dances for an educational and dynamic dance party. Children can play with family or friends in multiplayer mode or keep the spotlight for solo dancing. Whichever way they play, it’s sure to spell active fun.  (Multiplayer feature requires a single controller). Children dance to upbeat activities that can reinforce their understanding of action verbs and similes. They get ready for reading success by building vocabulary, recognising letters and words, blending sounds into words and creating compound words.

Curriculum: Reading (Age 4 – 7 Years)

  • Rhyming
  • Compound Words
  • Action Verbs
  • Alliteration
  • Phonics


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