LeapTV Educational Active Video Game – Dora and Friends

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With Dora and Friends for LeapTV™ gaming systems, children ages 4-7 years can jump into an active, magical mathematics adventure. When a magic ring causes Pablo to shrink, Dora and Naiya decide the only way to break the spell is to shrink to a tiny size to help him return the ring to an ancient world. Children join the trio as they race through a mouse hole, travel back in time, and use motion, classic gameplay controls and mathematics skills to return the ring to its royal owner. Children can also team up with a friend in a two-player mouse-riding mini-game. (Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.) To traverse the ancient city, children use number skills to complete sequences, balance bridges using addition and subtraction, and open treasure chests using spatial reasoning. The motion-sensing controller adds to the fun: turning the controller around in a circle or lifting it up and down helps Dora open secret doors and climb ladders and vines.

Children can also activate charms from Dora’s bracelet by twirling the controller in the air, then ride a duck to cross water, soar on a bird and more! Dora and Friends for LeapTV™ gaming systems also features a two-player mini-game, in which children can play as Dora, Naiya or Pablo and ride on mice in a race to collect gems. Teaming up with a friend gives them more chances to collect gems, showing that adventure is even better when you work together! As children advance through 4 magical worlds, the learning adapts automatically to suit their age and level, offering just the right challenge every time they play. As confident, eager problem-solvers, Dora and her friends are great companions on a journey filled with early algebraic thinking and numbers. Children can also practice mentally rotating shapes to fit into a lock, building spatial reasoning skills that may be valuable for future mathematical thinking.

Curriculum: Mathematics (Age 4 – 7 Years)

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Number Sequence
  • Early Algebra


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